Cold Way To Go

Newly appointed Brooks Landing mayor, Camryn Brooks confronts the police chief about his absences. Then he drops dead. Cami independent investigation brings her face-to-face with the killer.

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Death to the Dealers

Front cover of book Death to the Dealers, A Winnebago County Mystery by Christine Husom front cover

9th in a Series | A man is unexpectedly pulled into the dangerous world of drug-dealing in his quest to uncover the cause of his wife's death.

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Remains in Coyote Bog

Remains In Coyote Bog book cover

8th in a Series | Bodies marked with religious symbols are recovered from Coyote Bog. Sgt. Corinne Aleckson wades through danger to stop this death angel's reign.

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Frosty the Deadman

3rd in a series of 3 | City council members are at odds with Mayor Frost. But enough for one to deliver a snow globe blow to the head?

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The Iced Princess

Book cover of The Iced Princess

2nd in a series of 3 | Molly’s first day at work, and her last one on earth. Who had it in for the wealthy socialite? Her boss is determined to uncover the truth.

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Snow Way Out

Snow Way Out bookcover

1st in a series of 3 | Snow-globe class ends badly. And someone left a snow globe behind. One with a strange scene that soon comes to scary moonlit life in a dark park.

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Secret in Whitetail Lake

5th in a series | Two bodies in an old car at the bottom of the lake. Is it the couple that went missing years before? Meanwhile, the sheriff has vanished without a trace.

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A Death in Lionel’s Woods

6th in a series | A woman’s body is found in the woods. No ID, just a bag of money and a single family photo buried beneath her. Is she the victim of human trafficking?

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The Noding Field Mystery

4th in a series | A man’s naked body tied to stakes in a farm field. What’s behind the bizarre staging? Twists and turns until a bomb is dropped at the end.

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Murder In The Wind

The authors of Second Wind’s first Mystery/Crime anthology, including the winner of our Mystery in the Wind contest Sheila Deeth

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An Altar by the River

3rd in a series | A tortured soul, hidden cult, sheriff’s office spy, cold case cover-up. Bone-chilling tale to the breath-catching end.

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