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The last thing Curio Finds Manager Camryn Brooks expected was to get appointed as Brooks Landing Mayor. Her first tough assignment? Call out the police chief about his extensive absences. On a dark, frigid January afternoon she heads to Chief Newel’s office and finds him licking an envelope. A moment later, he drops dead. A Buffalo County detective is called to look into the suspicious circumstances. But Cami feels compelled to conduct her own investigation, and finds herself face to face with a killer.

Cold Way To Go

Reviews for “Cold Way To Go

  • A perfect addition to the Snow Globe Shop Mysteries. Endearing and gutsy characters, a unique mystery, along with a surprising conclusion will keep readers enthralled and reading late into the night.

    Julie Seedorf, Author of the Fuchsia, Brilliant, and Whistle Stop, Minnesota Cozy Mystery Series

  • There’s plenty of action in Ms. Husom’s novel Cold Way to Go, fourth in the Snow Globe Mysteries series, with newly elected Brooks Landing Mayor Camryn Brooks hot on the trail of another killer in her town.

    Marlene Chabot, Mystery author of the Mary Malone and Matt Malone Series

  • Christine Husom brings her wealth of police procedural knowledge to the page. Intriguing characters, mystery, and suspense—it’s all here. Another well-written winner to delight readers.

    Cathlene Buchholz, Contributing Author, Minnesota Not So Nice, Cooked to Death: Lying on a Plate, Festival of Crime