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Death to the Dealers - CHRISTINE HUSOM
Front cover of book Death to the Dealers, A Winnebago County Mystery by Christine Husom front cover

When a man finds his deceased wife’s secret phone, her list of contacts sends him on a quest to uncover who caused her death. As he navigates his way into the dreary, drug-dealing world, danger holds a constant presence. The one bright spot in his life is his growing attraction for his canine patient’s owner, Sergeant Corinne Aleckson. It’s a relationship that will not blossom as he had imagined.

Death to the Dealers

Reviews for “Death to the Dealers

  • Husom goes dark in this well-written, masterfully-plotted and page-turning tale of drugs, murder and revenge.
    David Housewright

  • A fast-paced ride . . . you will be enthralled as the pair unravels the perplexing drug and homicide cases . . . I couldn’t put it down!
    Midge Bubany

  • Dr. Watts, whose relentless quest to find justice for his wife, puts himself and Sergeant Corky Aleckson on a perilous collision course.
    Barbara Deese

  • A vengeful serial killer has taken a personal interest in Sgt Corky Aleckson just as a mysterious drug dealer’s illicit activities get too close to home . . . exciting finale.
    Michael Allan Mallory

  • Drugs, revenge, and love intertwine in this gripping Corky Aleckson and Smoke Dawes adventure.
    Michael Stanley

  • Corinne Aleckson is a together woman whether patrolling or sliding through the brush in an undercover role . . . finely written adventure.
    Carl Brookins