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Remains in Coyote Bog - CHRISTINE HUSOM
Remains In Coyote Bog book cover

Bodies marked with religious symbols are recovered from Coyote Bog sending Sergeant Corinne Aleckson and Detective Smoke Dawes on a quest. Who buried them in the bog? They pore through missing persons’ files, consult an FBI profiler, and are soon in pursuit of an angel of death. Their investigation leads them into uncharted and dangerous territory but they’ll stop at nothing to end the death angel’s reign.

Remains in Coyote Bog

Reviews for “Remains in Coyote Bog

  • Fascinates with a touch of Stephen King offset by doses of Midwest pragmatism.

    Priscilla Paton, author, Twin Cities Mysteries including 2018 Foreword Indies Finalist Where Privacy Dies

  • Cements Corky Aleckson’s position as a first-rate investigator and opens the window wider into her personal life.

    Amy Pendino, multiple-award winning author, The Witness Tree

  • Gives us assurance that in the dark recesses of a horrible crime, there are good people fighting for justice.

    Colin Nelson, author, Flashover, The Amygdala Hijack, The Inca Code, and Ivory Lust