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Buried in Wolf Lake - CHRISTINE HUSOM

When a family’s Golden Retriever brings home the dismembered leg of a young woman, the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department launches an investigation unlike any other. Who does the leg belong to, and where is the rest of her body? Sergeant Corrine Aleckson and Detective Elton Dawes soon discover they are up against an unidentified psychopath who targets women with specific physical features. Are there other victims, and will they learn the killer’s identity in time to prevent another brutal murder?

Buried in Wolf Lake

Review for “Buried in Wolf Lake

  • Filled with gritty details and emotionally compelling characters, Buried in Wolf Lake kept me reading late into the night. Start a book with a dismembered body part and you just can’t stop reading until you’ve put all the pieces together, literally.

    Niki Turner, author of Here Comes the Bride and The Judas Trap