Welcome Friends,

I invite you to travel with me to Winnebago County, Minnesota and follow the challenging cases Sergeant Corinne “Corky” Aleckson and Detective Elton “Smoke” Dawes are assigned. And where regular people find themselves in circumstances that are anything but ordinary in the medium-boiled Winnebago County Mystery series.

Or you might like a  cozier mystery adventure? Brooks Landing, Minnesota is the setting for the Snow Globe Shop Mysteries where you’ll get to know Curio Finds manager, Camryn Brooks, and other intriguing and quirky characters I think you’ll enjoy.

Welcome May!

When I was young, it was tradition to make special May Day baskets out of construction paper, or dixie cups and pipe cleaners, fill them with candy, hang them on friends’ doorknobs, ring their doorbells, and then run like the wind. The goal was to get away before they came out and spotted who’d left the surprise. It was fun; a thrill my children loved, too.

While I can’t bring a May basket of goodies to your door, I can offer you gifts of free and discounted books. Today through May 31st, the first four books in my Winnebago County Mystery Series are free of charge, and the next four are 60% off, or $2.00 each through Smashwords. They host a long list of e-book platforms.

Life has been upended the last couple of months in ways that who could have imagined? My author events planned for March and April were cancelled, or postponed. Summer events are to be determined. The 2020 Bouchercon Mystery Convention scheduled for October already cancelled.

I miss meeting with readers face to face. At least a good story helps us forget about our troubles for a while. My hope is you’ll spend some time with Corky and Smoke, and all the other Winnebago County characters, get enmeshed in their lives, and their—often bizarre—criminal cases.

I invite you to download the books and would greatly appreciate it if you post a review, as you see fit. Thank you much!

Firesetter in Blackwood Township https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/754569

Latest Book Launched November, 2019

I had a number of book signings and we sold a lot. If you’ve read and enjoyed the book–of any of my books–I’d greatly appreciate a few review words on one or more platforms, i.e, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Nobel. Thank you!

A brief description:

Bodies marked with religious symbols are recovered from Coyote Bodies sending Sergeant Corinne Aleckson and Detective Smoke Dawes on a quest. Who buried them in the bog? They pore through missing persons’ files, consult an FBI profiler, and are soon in pursuit of an angel of death. Their investigation leads them into uncharted and dangerous territory, but they’ll stop at nothing until they end the death angel’s reign.

What reviewers are saying:

“Fascinates with a touch of Stephen King offset by doses of Midwest pragmatism.” ~Priscilla Paton, author, Twin Cities Mysteries including 2018 Foreword Indies Finalist Where Privacy Dies.

“Gives us assurance that in the dark recesses of a horrible crime, there are good people fighting for justice.” ~Colin Nelson, author, Flashover, The Amygdala Hijack, The Inca Code, and Ivory Lust.

“Race to catch a demented killer preying on society’s most weak and vulnerable. Both heart pounding and heartbreaking – another winner from Christine Husom.” ~Timya Owen, author and editor, Dark Side of the Loon, Twin Cities Sisters in Crime President.

“Cements Corky Aleckson’s position as a first-rate investigator and opens the window wider into her personal life.” ~Amy Pendino, multiple-award winning author, The Witness Tree.

“I was holding my breath the last third of the book. Each volume is more intriguing.” ~Rhonda Gilliland, author and editor, Cooked to Death Series.

“Corky leads her team as they investigate bodies hauled from Coyote Bog. Another great book in the series.” ~Barbara Schlichting, author, White House Dollhouse mystery series.